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Development at polyurethan

Our specialists regularly put our products through a series of tests to see how well they hold up in various environments and under a variety of loads. Over the course of many years, we have developed and implemented a number of unique technical solutions, as well as specialized test equipment and raw material formulas.

One of our company"s unique developments is our formula for low temperature resistant polyurethane. Tests conducted both in our special freeze chambers and in the field (wintertime in Yakutia!) have shown that our polyurethane can withstand temperatures as low as -50°C.

To test our silent blocks for endurance, we use specially designed machines that can be programmed to model harsh conditions and tell us how they will perform when installed in control arms.

The silent blocks we manufacture are available in many different versions. Low temperature resistant silent blocks with a press-fit inner sleeve are one of our main products. Our silent block assemblies are especially made for use in spots where they need to be installed vertically.

Our designers have developed a variety of different universal fasteners (for tools, for gun barrels) and other mounting hardware (various fasteners for snowmobiles and motorcycles, belts and straps, roof-rack fasteners).

In addition to windscreens the same size as the original, we also manufacture windscreens that are taller (to better protect the driver against wind and snow) and wider (for additional leg protection: our 50-44-3933 windscreen, for example, which was specially developed for Arctic expeditions) and of a different thickness (to be more damage resistant).

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